100 miles in four days

100 miles in four days

On Monday evening, some of our team members met Locryn Williams at Porthtowan, on the final stretch of his fundraising effort to walk 100 miles in 4 days. He’s raising funds for Cornwall SAR, which will be split between West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team and East Cornwall Search & Rescue Team.

One of our team members managed to catch-up with Locryn and ask him a few questions during his challenge:

Why are you doing your walk?

“I decided to do this challenge almost as a personal question, can I walk 100 miles in 5 days… which led to… can I do it in 4 days? Like everyone else, lock-down has meant a curb on activities, indoor and outdoor, and led many people to struggle with their mental health and well-being.”

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

“Being outdoors is of the vital importance to our mental and physical well-being, having grown up in such an adventurous family I’ve always believed that and being stuck indoors people have awoken to this fact. Hence the numerous amounts of people now venturing outside to the national parks, the mountains and sea sides. Except of course, it can go wrong. There have been big campaigns by the BMC etc to educate people on an “outdoor ethos” to fully embrace this new need to be outdoors.”

Why are you fundraising for Search and Rescue?

“Search and Rescue teams across the country rely on fundraising events within the community in order to raise money to pay for kit, training and emergencies. With COVID-19 fundraising opportunities have been extremely limited in their number.

“These are people who at a moments notice can be called out to anywhere in the county to assist the police, ambulance and rescue services in a number of situations. I wanted to raise some money for SAR because of the good that they do when people do go missing. To do their best to bring them home.”


Visit Locryn’s fundraising page to find out more about his fundraising journey and leave a donation – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/locryn-williams