BCRC Peer Review

BCRC Peer Review

Earlier this month, WCSAR hosted colleagues from other British Cave Rescue Council – BCRC teams as part of the BCRC’s peer review programme – to share best practice and build relationships nationally.

After a tour of base the team conducted an underground exercise to showcase our capabilities. We accessed through old workings before abseiling down the shaft to our ‘casualty’ who’d had a fall from height, sustaining injuries to their neck and leg.

While two of our medical team assessed, treated and packaged the casualty, rigging teams prepared a rope system to first pull the casualty up from the bottom of the shaft before carrying them back through the drives to surface.

Here our underground team handed over to the surface support crew who reassessed the casualty before lowering them down the hillside on another rope system.

After a debrief the team then headed back to base to clean and repack kit, ready for the next call out.

We’d like to thank the BCRC team members that came down from Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit – COMRU and our neighbours Devon Cave Rescue Organisation, as well as the BCRC committee for organising the peer review process.


We are members of Mountain Rescue England and Wales and the British Cave Rescue Council – BCRC.