It’s OK, to not be OK

It’s OK, to not be OK

Last night, our team members had an online talk about trauma and risk management, led by a colleague from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Ashburton.

Our nature of work does occasionally expose our volunteers to difficult situations, and it’s important for everyone’s welfare that we know who to turn to if we’re finding things difficult.

We’re fortunate to be part of a close-knit group, and our training sessions give us the opportunity to debrief and chat to other team members. There’s nothing better than going out for a stomp in the countryside with friends.


There’s lots of situations that may make us all feel stressed, upset or anxious. It’s important that we reach out and speak to someone about it. Remember, you are not alone – sharing a problem is often the first step to recovery.

There are some super organistions in Cornwall that can help:

Man down – supporting men’s mental health – They run safe talking and listening spaces to help meet the current emotional and mental health needs of men who struggle to cope with the pressures facing them in our modern society.

Georgia’s Voice – Small, free, confidential support groups for young women with mental health concerns. Offering a safe place for you to come and talk, listen or just be.

Samaritans – Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. Call us for free any time 📱 116 123, email [email protected]

Sea Sanctuary – Sea Sanctuary is a mental health charity working with individuals navigating their way through the stormy waters of life. They are rooted in the concept of ‘blue health’.

Valued Lives – Among other services, they offer a variety of calming and empowering tools to support people to break down the things that are causing them stress, and begin to move forward in manageable steps.