Breaking News – Mount Hawke Mountain Rescue Team

Breaking News – Mount Hawke Mountain Rescue Team

📢 Breaking news

Mount Hawke in Cornwall is to get its own dedicated Mountain Rescue team.

Set up by Owen Leigh and Joel King, like West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team, the new team’s unpaid volunteers will be available 24/7, 365 days a year to support the emergency services to search for lost, missing and injured people.

Its founders, Owen and Joel, say: ‘Having volunteered for one of Cornwall’s mountain rescue teams for many years, we’re often asked by people “But where are the mountains?”.

‘Now, this is our chance to dedicate our time to one of Cornwall’s famous mountains – Mount Hawke. At last, we won’t be asked where are the mountains any more.’

The team has ambitious plans to expand to other mountains within Cornwall, including Mount Ambrose and St Michael’s Mount. We’ll share further updates when we have them.