New waterproof jackets for the team

New waterproof jackets for the team

Thanks to your support, we are pleased to announce that we have invested in providing new waterproof jackets for our call-out members.

With the recent rain we’ve been having they have been very well received too!

A massive thanks to everyone who has donated to the team to help provide these valuable pieces of kit. We often have to work through very difficult and wet conditions, so jackets like these are invaluable to help our team members stay warm and dry during training or out on a search.

The ME Kongur MRT jackets were trialed alongside a number of different manufacturers over the winter and spring (both in Cornwall and in mountainous conditions), and came out on top.

Thanks also to our team member, Phil, for helping source the new jackets and Mike Booth from MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT for the support and excellent service.

We have been able to purchase 18 jackets, but need to continue to raise funds to provide a jacket for the remaining members of the team (34 in total) and new recruits.

All of our team members are volunteers. We’re available 24/7, 365 days of the year to assist the emergency services to search for missing, vulnerable and injured people across West Cornwall.

We rely on public donations to operate.

To support us and leave a donation, visit our ‘Support us’ page.