Our amazing dogsbodies

Our amazing dogsbodies

‘The dedication of our dogsbodies is always admirable. In rain or shine (and sometimes snow and gales) they hide away, waiting for our search dogs to find them.

‘Earlier this month, we saw another amazing example of their commitment. Craig and Neil, as well as being regular dogsbodies, are also call-out members of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team – Plymouth.

‘Alongside their team, on Saturday 10th June they were tasked to search throughout the night for a high-risk missing person in the Plymouth area. Thankfully the missing person was found safe and well by a family member the following morning.

‘As soon as the stand-down came through, with no sleep, Craig and Neil headed across to Dartmoor to spend the day hiding for the south west region’s trainee and operational dogs. Alongside body Lynn, the dogs trained well in the hot conditions, with plenty of water available to keep them cool.

‘Thanks Craig and Neil, and all of our amazing dogsbodies for your incredible work. We couldn’t train the dogs without you!’

Matt and Merryn 🐶⛑🐾

You can read more about the role of a dogsbody and how you could potentially get involved on the Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England website >>