Partnership Post – Air Ambulances

Partnership Post – Air Ambulances

We’re showcasing some of our partner agencies in search and rescue. When we get a call-out, many other colleagues from different organistions can also be involved. Some are paid, and some, like us, are volunteers.

6. Air Ambulances

In West Cornwall, we’re fortunate to have an amazing team working for and operating the Cornwall Air Ambulance. We have worked alongside the crew on a number of call-outs and training sessions. All of our team members go through both, online and practical helicopter training, to make sure they understand how to work safely around the craft, and the roles each organisation brings to a rescue.

We also have Devon Air Ambulance across the border, and our team have worked alongside the crew on some medical taskings over the years as well.

Taking to the skies in 1987, the Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first air ambulance in the UK. It has now completed more than 32,000 missions, saving countless lives. Given the county’s isolated beaches, rural settlements and challenging road networks, Cornwall Air Ambulance is considered a lifeline by residents and visitors alike.

📷 WCSAR team members working alongside the Cornwall and Devon Air Ambulances on call-outs and training sessions.