Partnership Post – Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response

Partnership Post – Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response

Over the next few months we’re showcasing some of our partner agencies in search and rescue. When we get a call-out, many other colleagues from different organistions can also be involved. Some are paid, and some, like us, are volunteers.

3. Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response

Devon & Cornwall 4×4 Response is a volunteer group, using 4×4 vehicles to assist the wider community in times of need.

Working alongside other emergency services, they typically perform a variety of roles, including the relocation of people or equipment, access to areas that could not be reached by ‘normal’ vehicles, or recovery of stranded people or critical equipment.

They can also provide support in extraordinary circumstances or extremes of weather, such as heavy snow or flooding.

On a call-out, we could work together to access difficult to reach search areas, or get to the location of a casualty. We also have our own 4×4 vehicle (KM3), as do Fire & Rescue, the Police and other MR teams.

📷 A 4×4 Response vehicle on duty.