Three new Swiftwater Rescue Technicians

Three new Swiftwater Rescue Technicians

Last month, three members of WCSAR completed a Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (MOD3) course in Devon. This training provides the team with the ability to operate safely in and around the water, supporting search operations as well as responding to flood events.

Thanks to the instructors and our other Mountain Rescue England and Wales colleagues who attended from across the south west.

Well done on the new qualification Tony, Ricky and Gary!

We how have nine MOD3 – Swiftwater Rescue Technicians in the team, plus a MOD 5 – Water Flood Incident Manager.

Images from the training weekend, which ran over 4 days.

*Don’t try this at home. All of the training is carried out with experienced instructors, PPE and safety personnel present.

You can read more about our water team and the different qualifications here –