What would you do if you came across an incident that required first aid?

What would you do if you came across an incident that required first aid?

As part of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, being part of a team with a purpose can have strong benefits. It enables you to work closely with like-minded individuals, and can also teach you important skills – helping you to react to a number of situations.

One of our new trainees, Maria, recalls how being part of WCSAR has helped her deal with a recent incident.


If you were to come across a serious incident that required first aid, would you be feel confident enough to help? Or would you stand and watch, and wait for somebody else to step in? I used to be the person that would stand and watch, afraid to help through fear of not knowing enough, or doing the wrong thing.

Since joining the West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team, my skills and knowledge within the field of first aid have grown immensely. If I’m being honest, I didn’t realise quite how much until I found myself first on the scene at a serious road traffic incident recently. Rather than standing and watching, I headed straight to the casualty, instructing others to call for an ambulance. Following processes taught during our training, my observations allowed me to check that the casualty wasn’t in immediate danger. Had there have been any catastrophic bleeding or need for CPR, I was confident that I could have acted accordingly. Soon after, I was joined by other medically trained individuals and together we ensured that the casualty was supported in the best possible way until further help arrived.

Combining my knowledge with my actions, allowed me to deal with the situation, which was challenging at times. Due to the changing needs of the casualty, it was necessary to closely observe and react on many occasions to ensure safety.

I’ve since had many conversations with friends, who all tell me that they would be too afraid to step in and help. I feel truly grateful that I have had the training that allows me to no longer feel this way. Being a strong empath, I thrive on easing the pain of others. Becoming part of the WCSAR team has allowed me to utilise my natural skills with powerful knowledge, which could one day save a life.

Maria, WCSAR Trainee