Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is named after George Herbert, a veteran of the Normandy landings who lived with dementia. After going missing from home, George was sadly found deceased after returning to the site of his old school.

The Protocol invites carers, family members and friends to complete a form on behalf of a person living with dementia, recording key information such as personal history, medication, places previously located, a photograph etc.  In the event of that person then going missing, the form can simply be handed to the Police to help inform a search strategy and identify the most likely areas that the missing person will be found.

Full details of the Herbert Protocol can be found on the Devon & Cornwall Police website where carers and family can also download the form to complete.

The Herbert Protocol

The team also proactively works with the Police and other agencies on projects relevant to dementia planning. The Herbert Protocol was initially launched by West Yorkshire Police and encourages carers of those living with dementia to compile relevant information which could be used in the event of the person they care for going missing.