Water Team

The team maintains a water capability by ensuring that members progress through three levels of training:

MOD 1 – Water Awareness

All team members are trained to recognise and understand the risks of working around water. Whilst members can’t respond directly to any water incident they can provide support during such taskings.

MOD 2 – First Responder

Further training allows members to run bankside searches, assist Mod3 technicians in non-buoyant rescues and how to self-rescue in worst-case scenarios.

MOD 3 – Swiftwater Rescue Technician

SRTs undertake four days of theory and practical training in a swiftwater environment, allowing them to operate in most environments we’re likely to see in the Duchy. SRTs can then undertake more complex searches in moving water, provide safety cover at coastal inundations and respond to inland flooding incidents.

Mod 5 – Water Flood Incident Manager

The Emergency services in the UK respond to an ever increasing frequency of major flood events. Incident managers have to adapt generic major emergency procedures to specialised flood rescue response. We have one MFIM as part of our call-out team.

You can read more about the Defra Water Rescue modules here